Protective Visor

Easy-to-use protective face shield that covers the face and prevents drops and splashes of, for example, body fluids and other liquids. Crystal clear visor contributes to optimum visibility when used. Both the headband and visor part can be reused after washing and disinfecting. Made in Sweden of 100% recyclable materials.

Delivered unassembled, flat, 50 pcs/box. Weight 32 grams/piece

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Product Information

Specification Headband

Material: Polypropylene (PP)
Thickness: 0,8 mm
Measurement: H 27mm x W 733mm

Specification Visor

Material: Crystal Clear Vinyl, free from softeners
Thickness: 0,18 mm
Measurements: H 315mm x W 250mm

Complete headband and visor:

Article number: ZSKYVISKOMP0001


Art nr: ZSKYVISREM0001 – Head band, 10pcs/box
Art nr: ZSKYVIS0001 – Protection visor, 50pcs/box

The product fulfils the requirements according to REACH directive 76/769/EEC, Annex XVII

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